President's Corner
Written by Warren W. Hensley   
Sunday, 22 January 2017

We’ve all heard the saying, “Big surprises come in little packages.” This saying shakes hands with “We may be little but we’re mighty.” This phrase pertains to our club’s charitable contributions, cruises and shows. I believe we’re all proud of the accomplishments of this group and I encourage every member to become as involved as possible as 2018 flies by. (That’s a Wings and Wheels pun)
A huge thank you goes to all who attended our January meeting. As you saw and heard, in the spirit of T.I.E. everything we did on behalf of the club was shared. The input from members was great and I, for one, left feeling that everyone had a good sense of ownership of Del Rods.
We owe a big debt of gratitude for Mary Ellen who has taken on “triple duty” and to Dan whom I have bombarded with changes to the web site.
Finally, I hope to bring forth at the February meeting a “first reading” of amendments to our “by laws” or “constitution”. I strongly urge everyone to attend! Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to represent you as President.

   Del Rods Car Club of Dover, Delaware

    Founded 1974








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