President's Corner
Written by Warren W. Hensley   
Sunday, 22 January 2017

The 2018 car show and cruise-in season is in high gear!
Nearly every weekend, there’s a function being held to attract those of us who are a bit crazy over cars and trucks.  In fact, after attending the All Clubs Breakfast and gathering a stack of flyers, I’m convinced the competition will be unprecedented this year.  It is interesting to learn the various reasons why someone will attend one show/cruise versus another.  Distance plays a part in that decision as does whether an owner wants to drive their ride as much as possible.  The bottom line seems to be a common love for the internal combustion engine and, well, going fast.
We now have one show and two cruises under our collective belts.  The turnout has been quite impressive.  It’s a duty for each member to make attending our functions an enjoyable experience for our guests and each other.  Let’s keep up the great work!  Speaking of “work”, a gigantic thank you to everyone who has participated in the workings of our functions.
Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to represent you as President.
Warren W. Hensley






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