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Is the sound important? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Warren W. Hensley   
Saturday, 13 May 2017

Time after time, I've seen folks looking at a car or truck and display an admiring expression.  But, without fail, the moment the engine is fired and there's a nice rumble put forth, I see smiles.

This led me to ask folks, is the sound of your ride important to you and if so, why?

Here are a few respsonses:

The sound reflects the power

We simply like it loud.

Certain exhausts sound sweet.

We just like it loud.

We like a low rumble.

It sounds HOT!

The sound goes with the look.

I just love the noise with no mufflers.

So, just as there's a wide variety of attractions in vehicle type, the enjoyment of the sound has any number of meanings.  I recall everyone wanted a Thrush Glass Pack system.  Yes, those sounds still replay in our memories.  So, let's keep on disturbing the peace! 


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